11h30-12h Welcome & Introduction (M.Couceiro): slides
12h-13h Plenary Talk – David Leake.Of Analogies and Episodes


14h-15h30 Contributed talks (Chair: E.Marquer)
-Weihao Mao and Yves Lepage: Embedding-to-embedding method based on autoencoder for solving sentence analogies
-Qixuan Zhang and Yves Lepage: Improving sentence embedding with sentence relationships from word analogies
-Xulin Deng and Yves Lepage: Resolution of analogies between strings in the case of multiple solutions

Coffee Break

16h-16h30 Contributed talk (Chair: F.Badra)
-Esteban Marquer, Fadi Badra, Marie-Jeanne Lesot, Miguel Couceiro and David Leake. Less is Better: An Energy-Based Approach to Case Base Competence
16h30-17h30 Plenary talk – Jean Lieber. Case-Based Reasoning and Analogy: a Turbulent Love Story
17h30-18h Closing discussions

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